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Guide to use your PPE correctly

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Here's a guide to wear your personal protective equipment to ensure a safe way of working.

If you have a general contact with confirmed or possible COVID-19 cases, you need :

  • Eye protection to be worn on risk assessment.

  • Fluid resistant surgical mask.

  • Disposable apron.

  • Gloves.

If you work in Aerosol Generation Procedures or High Risk Areas, you have to wear :

  • Eye protection, eye shield, goggles or visor.

  • Filtering face piece respirator.

  • Long sleeved fluid repellent gown.

  • Gloves

Follow these steps to handle without risks your PP clothing :

  1. Wash your hands before and after patient contact and after removing some or all of your PPE.

  2. Clean all the equipment that you are using according to local policies.

  3. Use the appropriate PPE for the situation you are working in (General / AGPs or High risk areas).

  4. Take off your PPE safely.

  5. Take breaks and hydrate yourself regularly.

Stay safe.

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