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Value Added Services

We recognize that international trade can be a very complex process from end-to-end.


Our trading and logistics department was formed in response to the needs of our clients - to leave the time-consuming procurement and export processes in our hands, so that they could instead focus on their core business.


Today, Medi-S provides medical product distributors, pharmaceutical purchasing centers and healthcare providers with a one-stop solution for sourcing, procurement and distribution, direct from factories in Asia to the world.  



Gain direct access to our dedicated factories in China with high production volume, optimum prices and swift turnaround.



An established trading office in Shanghai as a preferred trade partner of a large network of factories all over Asia.


Quality Assurance

Stringent quality control with a zero defect policy and internationally recognized certifications for all medical products and accessories.



Air, sea, train, trucking and storage solutions available to fit various delivery schedules. Flexible incoterms offered.


After-Sales Service

End-to-end order management with sales follow-up for 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Contact us at for a customized proposal tailored to your requirements.

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